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Beautiful Happy Easter Eggs Images and Pics 2016

Beautiful Happy Easter Eggs Images and Pics 2015

Dear Readers, if you are looking for Beautiful Happy Easter Eggs Images and Pics 2016 you have come to the right place! We chose a collection of 10 Stunning Professional Pics of Easter Eggs that will bright up your day. Take a closer look, you will be pleasantly delighted!

Happy Easter Wishes

We paint Easter eggs On Maundy Thursday before the very event. There are many variations and beliefs associated with the emergence of this practice. According to one legend, it was associated with an incident that occurred when Christ was on the cross. At this point a hen came and laid an egg in the feet of Jesus. The blood flowing from the body of Christ dyed the egg in red and thus people began the practice of dyeing Easter eggs. According to another version, Mary Magdalene stood up in front of the Emperor Tiberius and gave him a gift -a red egg with words "Christ is risen!" (These are the first words of the Easter sermon as well).

Painted eggs, according to a popular belief, have a magical and protective properties and the first egg is buried in the fields for fertility, or held in front of the icon in the house to "heal" the sick with it. When the housewife paints the first egg, she rubs it with him cheeks of the children to be healthy. Other nations attribute to the Easter egg the power to extinguish fires on the condition that just before he throws the egg into the fire, the farmer should go round his house with it three times. With the red egg in hand people search for lost cattle as well.

Easter Funny Poems

Eggs were painted, given away and eaten during the Easter festivals in ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome. These cultures perceived the egg as an emblem of the universe as a creation of the gods, as the germination of life. Rituals associated with it, symbolized the birth of life. Romans, Gauls, Persians and Chinese painted and exchanged eggs at the onset of spring, celebrating the renewal of nature after the long and cold winter. According to them, the egg had magical powers - it was buried in the foundations of the house to protect it and its inhabitants from evil forces; The pregnant Roman women tried to predict the sex of their future child, and the brides had to step on the egg before crossing the threshold of their new home, etc. Generally the egg was a necessary component in many rituals in pagan times.

Happy Easter Greetings With Quotes

Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter 2015 Wishes Quotes

Happy Easter Facebook Status 2015

Easter is a festival and also holiday

Easter is on April 12


Beautiful Easter 2016 HD Wallpapers For Desktop

latest collection of amazingly beautiful Easter 2015 images

Here is our latest collection of amazingly beautiful Easter 2016 HD Wallpapers For Desktop that you can download free and make your celebration joyful and colorful. Enjoy our selection and send these wallpapers to family and friends along with your Easter wishes and greetings.

Easter 2015 HD Wallpapers For Desktop

Centuries before Christ, the pagan tribes of Europe celebrated the beautiful goddess of spring, called Eostre. With the festival in the late days of March, the time of the vernal equinox, they celebrated the end of winter and the birth of new life. Some people believe that the name of the Easter holiday comes from the name of the goddess, and others - that it is associated with the rising of the sun from the east.
Easter holiday comes

The Chocolate eggs appear in the late 18th century. The Plastic eggs used for decoration at Easter, made its debut in the early sixties.

The Chocolate eggs appear

The traditional Buns with raisins that are prepared for Easter date back to ancient times.
One of the old Easter traditions is baking the buns with a cross of icing sugar on top. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans marked the loaves with religious signs in honor of their gods.
There are many superstitions associated with these traditional buns -it is believed that if they are kept at home from one Easter to the other festival the next year- they will bring good luck to the house. Cross buns were used as a talisman that protected sailors from shipwrecks. People used to hang them over the chimney in the kitchen. So that they made sure that each bread, baked in the oven, would be perfect.

The Easter lily

The Easter lily
The Lily flower is a symbol of purity because of its snow white color and delicate form. It symbolizes innocence and glamour of new life. It is called the Easter flower because its colors bloom in early spring.

Easter Bunny
Easter bunny has its origin from preChristian science of fertility. Rabbits, and wild rabbits symbolize the abundance of spring.
From antiquity the rabbit is a symbol of the moon and the first full moon after the vernal equinox marks the date of Easter. 

The Easter colorful eggs

Hares are born with their eyes open, while rabbits are born blind. It is believed that they never blink and turn a blind eye, and that they are creatures of the night, and the moon. Also, they bear their babies one month before they give birth to them, just as the moon needs a month to reach its full phase.

the Easter Bunny

According to one legend, the Easter Bunny was in the beginning a big beautiful bird that belonged to the goddess Eostre. One day, she turned her favorite bird into a hare. And as the Easter bunny is still a bird at heart, he continues to make nests and fills them with eggs.

the goddess Eostre

Beautiful Easter 2015 pics

So these were our awesome Easter HD wallpapers that will make your desktop extremely beautiful during the Easter Celebration days 2016. This Easter day is on March, 27 this year. So don't forget to have fun and enjoy the festival of the triumph of spring, new life, resurrection and salvation for mankind.

awesome Easter HD wallpapers


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The Best Collection of Easter Celebration Short Songs 2016

The Best Collection of Easter Celebration Short Songs 2015

Dear all, today we decided to present you The Best Collection of Easter Celebration Short Songs 2016 to make you feel the magic and excitement of the upcoming joyful celebration.

Easter is the biggest celebration for Orthodox Christians, the feast of all feasts. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest event in the history of mankind.

In the Christian religion Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after being crucified and buried. The empty tomb was seen by myrrh-bearing women who visited the tomb. Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and the apostles.

Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene

1. Go ahead, drive the nails in My hands,
Laugh at me where you stand.
Go ahead, and bury Me,
But very soon, I will be free!
Cause I’ll rise again; ain’t no power on earth can keep Me down!
Yes, I’ll rise again, death can’t keep Me in the ground.

2. And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I will rise on eagles’ wings
Before my God fall on my knees
And rise, I will rise

Easter celebrates the resurrection

3. Savior, He can move the mountains,
My God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save
Forever, author of Salvation
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.

4. I’m forgiven because You were forsaken
I’m accepted, You were condemned
I’m alive and well, Your spirit is within me
Because You died and rose again

5. There in the tomb, His body lay, 
Light of the World by darkness slain.
Then bursting forth in glorious day, 
Up from the grave He rose again

The Day of Christ's Resurrection has come

6. Hear the bells ringing,
they’re singing that you can be born-again!
And then, as death gives way to victory,
I’ll see the lights of glory and I’ll know He reigns.

Easter gives us many Unforgettable moments! On the night of the solemn worship of Christ, our Savior, The temple is decorated, everything is flooded with light. The Great Litany begins. And after it, like the sound of festive bells we hear the chants of the Paschal canon: "The Day of Christ's Resurrection has come..." 

Easter chicken

The announcement of the Resurrection brings joy and peace in our hearts, the procession circles the church, the priest gives a candle from which all the people present at the litany light up their own candles that carry them to their homes. The ritual is similar to that which takes place in Jerusalem, at the temple of the Resurrection where people witness the descent of the Holy Fire.

The preparations for the festival begin 10 weeks before Easter, in which the faithful Christians prepare for the triumph of the spirit over the flesh - the victory of Jesus Christ over death. The Week from Palm Sunday to Easter is particularly important in the Orthodox holiday cycle and it is called the "passion week" meaning the suffering of Christ. It is also called Great week. These are the last days of the earthly life of Jesus. The week after the great day is called The week Of Light because the Resurrection of Christ brings enlightenment to all mankind.

Easter colored eggs

Traditionally during the holidays people visit their parents and relatives, bringing them Easter cakes and painted eggs to show love and respect. Red eggs symbolize the blood of Christ. Between Easter and Pentecost people continue to greet each other with the greeting "Christ is Risen".

For centuries the Christian tradition for the holiday has been to decorate the festive table with colored eggs. On the night after Easter there happens an egg fight, and some people receive Communion at Easter. The person to whom belongs the winner egg will be healthy during the year. 

beautifully arranged Easter eggs


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Little Known Curious Facts About Easter.

Funny facts about Easter

The Easter tradition requires that On Sunday, the Germans go to church and then look for Easter eggs in the gardens. They have celebrated Easter for centuries. The most important Symbols of Easter are the red egg as a symbol of life and the Easter rabbit.
The Easter Bunny does not exist. Everyone knows that. The essence of the festival is that Jesus Christ died on the cross and then he rose from the dead to bring eternal life and triumph of love for mankind. "
But what is Easter for children? Not every kid clearly understands the essence of the holiday. Until the XVI century it was believed that the hidden Easter eggs are brought from different animals. Certain regions considered these animals to be the fox or the hammer, for other regions the animals bringing Easter eggs were the stork, the cuckoo or the crane. And, of course, rabbits.

Spring flowers and Easter Eggs

The German Protestants  invented the story of the Easter bunny to entertain the kids and for one more reason that is explained by the results from the studies of Alois Doehring, an ethnographer in Bonn.
"Children with parents Catholics know that on Easter they will have the eggs as they are forbidden during the faasting. However, how should Protestant explain this to their children? Why are there so many eggs on Easter? "
The rabbit is a symbol of fertility. Rabbits give birth to very small bunnies in spring, they give life. When people see rabbits with their babies, they know that the end of winter has arrived. All this, however, does not explain the link between the mammal and egg, as the Protestants did not care much about biological authenticity.
Protestants celebrate the Easter Sunday humbly while Catholics rejoice loudly in church. During the Baroque period, the priests have told various anecdotes in the churches to make the Resurrection of Jesus Christ more fun. Sometimes even the pulpit itself became a stage for entertainment.

Presents for Easter

The Red egg is the symbol of Christ's blood
And how come the Easter customs got associated with the eggs?
The egg is a symbol of life, fertility and purification. In the past, Easter eggs were sacrificed to the German goddess of spring Ostara. Today they are a sign of friendship.
The fact that the Germans call their Easter Oster is not accidental. It is believed that eating eggs during Easter not only increases male strength, but is good for our health as well. During the fasting people do not eat eggs. To prevent the eggs from getting rotten in the 40-day fasting period, people started boiling them, thus making them durable. In the boiling water they used to add different plants and natural ingredients to paint them. This way later they could differ the raw eggs from the boiled ones.

A kitten and Easter eggs

Since the 12th century eggs are dyed on Holy Saturday. The next day the rabbit would hide them in the garden and children would seek them. The color of the egg is of great importance, because if you find the first blue egg, according to superstitions you will not be that lucky, whereas the red egg brings happiness.
"From the sermons during the Baroque age one can get an idea of painting, ornaments and Easter eggs typical of the XVII / XVIII century."
Naturally, the Protestants would not mind painting eggs. For eggs, as mentioned above, are a symbol of a new life, that's why eggs also symbolize the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Painting, decoration and distribution of eggs were also typical for the early Christian church, says Alois Doehring.

Different colored easter eggs

The Easter Bunny brings Easter gifts to German children.
Giving away Red eggs was considered as giving a personal blessing to the person.
Initially the ritual in the Orthodox church required that the eggs were painted only in red. This color is a symbol both of the blood of Christ and his endless love for people.
The Christian holiday derives from the Jewish Passover, which is celebrated on the first full moon in spring. This holiday is the commemoration of the liberation of the Jewish people from their slavery in Egypt. It was once a celebration of the shepherds who sacrificed a young lamb. Hence the term "Easter lamb". It is assumed that the rabbit by mistake became a harbinger of Easter. Actually a baker, who tried to roast the Easter lamb from dough failed because it looked like a rabbit instead.
During the centuries there have arisen many customs associated with the eggs and their decoration and painting and hiding eggs in the gardens. Typical usages are also knocking eggs and wearing them in a spoon.

Daffodils and green Easter eggs
So let's enjoy and celebrate this easter with your friends and family with full of fun and joy.Happy Easter guys.

The Symbols of Easter. Easter Traditions and Celebration

Cute dog in an Easter basket

Easter is our favorite holiday of the year. That is why it makes sense we learn the history of the Easter Symbols and their importance in the celebration itself.
We have prepared for you a list comprising The Symbols of Easter. Easter Traditions and Celebration. Here they are:

Easter eggs on a plate

The Easter eggs

There are various legends about the emergence of the tradition of painting Easter eggs. According to one legend, when Christ was crucified, a hen came and laid an egg under the cross. The blood flowing from the body of Christ stained the egg in red. Therefore, the first egg is painted red. The remaining eggs are painted in different colors and paints. The blue color symbolizes integrity, violet - the cross, the green -the Christ's disciples, and the yellow - God himself. In ancient times eggs were dyed with infusions of herbs, nuts and more natural ingredients. In recent decades people have started to decorate the eggs, using various methods: with wax, gelatin, leaves, tights, napkins, etc.

Newspaper decorated Easter eggs

People still keep the tradition of painting the eggs on Maundy Thursday, as the number of the eggs painted depends on the family members. The first egg is always colored red by the oldest woman in the house. While the egg is still warm she rubs the cheeks or draw a cross on the foreheads of the children in the family for health. The First painted red egg symbolizes fertility and fortune so it is kept in the home until next Easter. After this ritual the painting of the eggs is taken by the young women in the house.
Modern technologies for decorating eggs include different innovative ideas such as wrapping them up in newspaper cuts, lace, napkins, etc.

Cross Buns with colorful eggs

The Easter bread

On Holy Saturday before sunrise, women knead the Easter ritual bread and cakes. With them people express their reverence for the Christ, the Savior of mankind. In the past, Easter breads were blessed in the church and the bread spent three days on the table and its crumbs were not thrown away. This bread is not cut but broken with the hands, because it is believed that it has a soul. There are different types of Easter bread - round, oblong, buns, for friends, godparents, family, etc.

Easter bunny with a carrot

The Easter Bunny (Rabbit)

The rabbit is traditionally associated with fertility and abundance, and the ancient rituals and beliefs link this animal to the moon and its cycles. There is a legend about the Easter rabbit that was once a big beautiful bird belonging to the goddess of the earth, Eostre. One day she turned the bird into a hare and as in his soul, he was still a bird, the rabbit continued to make nests and lay eggs.

The Symbols of Easter

Easter Decoration

Today there are many options, for decorating your home for Easter. One of the most popular elements of these decorations are: Easter baskets full of painted eggs, green grass paper, hand painted wooden or plastic decorative eggs, painted ceramic or plastic bunnies and many others. The decoration of this Christian holiday will bring additional warmth and joy in every home. You can also prepare Easter bunnies or eggs from homemade chocolate.

Pink tulips Easter Decoration

Tradition of Celebrating Easter

The tradition requires that at midnight on Easter Saturday before Sunday people go to church for the solemn liturgy. It begins two hours before midnight. Each person carries with himself a painted egg. When after midnight the liturgy finishes and the church bells start ringing, people welcome each other with "Christ is Risen!" And the answer is "He is risen indeed!", People wish each other health and happiness. People perform colored- eggs fight and the fasting for Easter is over. After the announcement of the Resurrection of Christ by the priest, people go around the temple in a circle with a lighted candle three times and quietly go home.

Easter Traditions and Celebration

On Sunday people visit their godparents, best man and woman, and other relatives and bring them Easter bread and painted eggs.

The Easter Table
For the Easter holidays every house is cleaned and decorated, people wear their new clothes that are a symbol of new life in the spring and the resurrection of Christ. The table is adorned with delicious dishes with lamb and sweets. 

Unique Easter Eggs Decoration


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Top 10 HD Easter Wallpapers 2016

Lovely red tulips

What can help you feel the joyful Easter spirit better than an HD great quality wallpaper of screensaver for your desktop? So here we are with out chart of the 10 best HD Easter Wallpapers for 2016 along with some curious facts about Easter tradition, legends, rituals, and rites.
One week before Easter two holidays are celebrated-Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Saint Lazarus or Lazarus of the Four Days and Palm Sunday (Palm Sunday is a Christian feast that takes place on the Sunday before Easter. The feast commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event mentioned in all four canonical Gospels).

Easter Wallpapers for 2015

The celebration of Palm Sunday is associated with a special ritual. Girls go to the river. Each girl has prepared ritual bread - a bun or other pastry, depending on the area. Each girl breaks a loaf of bread and puts it in the river. Then all the girls watch whose load has gone ahead of all the others. This girl whose loaf is the winner is recognized as a godmother and she leads the maiden dance. For Good Health on Palm Sunday people twist willow branches and adorn the gates of their homes. After Palm Sunday there comes the biggest festival celebrated three days-that of Easter.
Easter is one of the most revered Christian holidays. According to tradition the days from Palm Sunday to Easter holidays are the most celebrated ones, with special attention on Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. 

Colorful easter eggs wallpapers

On Wednesday Children walk in the woods for geranium and make wreaths for the next day - Maundy Thursday. Then they carry them to neighbors and relatives for health. On Maundy Thursday before sunrise, the tradition requires that people put two red eggs in a sieve, covered with a scarlet cloth and place in the east waiting for the Sun to appear and see them.
The Red Easter egg plays an important role in tradition because it is considered as a symbol of health, prosperity and fortune. On Maundy Thursday Women get up early, paint eggs, knead Ritual bread or cross buns. They also Coloring Easter eggs using different methods like herbs, nuts and many more. Eggs can be painted with extract from nettle to get green color, with walnut extract, apple or old onion peels to get yellow color, etc.

Easter Bunny with kids and eggs

A boy feeding a rabbit

Cute little ducks for easter

A bunny in a bathtub

A girl picking up flowers

A beautiful easter landscape

Easter eggs and daisies