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Easter Decoration Ideas with Eggs along with Some Easter Superstitions

Easter tradition

Easter is soon coming and you are wondering how to decorate your home with beautifully painted eggs and flowers? Here are some Easter Decoration Ideas with Eggs that will make your home a lovely place filled with the festive spirit of Easter.
You can put paper or colorful cloths around your eggs and tie them to your home flowers with strings. You can also use the eggs as vases for flowers. It is all up to you. Check out our suggestions that will inspire you!
The Easter Festive Table

Like any great holiday, in the past Easter was a day, according to which people determine what awaits them in the future and used to perform rituals that bring them health and luck. Check out some of the more common beliefs about Easter.
Western culture places more importance on Good Friday, so most superstitions are related with this day. For example, if you cut your hair on Good Friday, you will have be carefree during the whole year, with no problems or worries. Others say that the sheets should not be changed or washed on Holy Friday, because you will have trouble and nightmares in your sleep. Another western belief states that on the first Easter day you should put your new clothes for good luck and success.
In Eastern Europe on Easter day people pick up geranium, because it is believed that this plant has magical powers and heal all diseases.

A tree with Easter eggs

The shell of the Easter egg also has a symbolical meaning. In some countries people believe that the shells have magical powers, so they use them in spells against evil eyes or ground them to powder for the treatment of various diseases.
The first painted egg for Easter should be red. It is placed in front of an icon in the home and after a year, on Maundy Thursday, it is taken into the yard and broken there. If it is full, you will have prosperity and health in the home, if it turns out empty - then people should expect a difficult year.

A vase with flowers and Easter eggs

The tradition requires that a red egg is given to every guest who arrives to the home for Easter. It is believed that such wealth will go to other houses as well.
On Easter women who have been struggling to conceive for a long time, spend an overnight with a red egg in the bosom and believe that next year they will enjoy conceiving a child.
People also believed that in the week after Easter, which is called "empty week" they must not sow anything, because it will not grow.

Easter Decoration Ideas with Eggs

So in conclusion, there are numerous ways to surprise your loved ones with a beautiful Easter decoration that will make your home cozy and pleasant. Hope you enjoyed our post and do come back for more inspiring ideas how to make your Easter celebration an unforgettable one!

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