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The Legend Of The Easter Bunny

Where does the Easter Bunny live?

The Easter bunny is one of the most common and well-known symbols of Easter. Have you ever wondered how the legend of the Long Eared Bunny was born and what exactly its role in the celebration is? We gathered for you a lot of information about The Legend Of The Easter Bunny in our Happy Easter 2016 Images dedicated site.

Rumors about the Easter bunny date back to the XIIIth century, to the area of Germany. There each spring people worshiped the fertility goddess Eostre and in her honor they organized lavish celebrations. Legends say that one of the symbols of the goddess was was a beautiful bird that always stood on her right hand but one day it suddenly turned into a hare. But because the rabbit remained with the soul of a bird, he continued to make nests and fill them with colored eggs.

Some will ask, "Why a rabbit?". The fact is a very few people know that in fact the Long Eared Bunny is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and wealth. Every spring bunnies increase their family by giving birth to a few small rabbits and their breeding period lasts until October. So that is why rabbits became a symbol of the birth of a new life, as well as the coming of spring.

The Legend Of The Easter Bunny

Later, about the XVIIIth century, German immigrants brought the story of the Easter rabbit to Pennsylvania in the USA. Shortly after that the legend of the hare that lays colored eggs when spring comes began to spread across the continent. Hours before Easter the Bunny goes around people's homes and hides the eggs in their gardens in advance, in especially decorated nests of old hats prepared by children in the household. In time the Americans changed the image of the Easter Bunny and turned it into one of the symbols of the Easter holiday.

Where does the Easter Bunny live?

Like Santa Claus, the image of the Easter Bunny also raises curiosity in people, leading them to seek answers in all sorts of speculations.
According to some legends, its location is an unsolved mystery. It is known only that the rabbit inhabits cozy burrows deep under the ground, where no one can find it. There he keeps stocks of colored eggs, candies and other sweets.

According to others, the Easter Bunny lives somewhere near the Easter Island, and his home has a secret path that meanders between stone statues - moai. The Long Eared Bunny chose precisely this place because he felt secure and protected there where it was so quiet that he was sure he would keep his "wealth" accumulated during the year.

The Easter bunny today

The Easter bunny today.

Gradually all the people learned that the Easter Bunny did not exist. Although this tradition has been preserved nowadays, the Easter bunny usually does not lay colored eggs but delivers them in the evening before Easter. The eggs are often made of chocolate, there are sweets, toys as smaller awards for good children,etc. so the role of the Easter Bunny is often associated with the image of the white-bearded old man, Santa Claus. The Nests are even replaced with beautifully decorated baskets placed at the front door or at another location in the house.

Sometimes the bunny hides the eggs, and the children have to work to find them. Thus another Easter tradition originates from the States-the hunting of eggs. The parents hide Easter eggs that are different in size, color and material in various places and the task of the children is to discover them. Naturally, there is a winning prize - for the ones who found most of the eggs.

Though some people deny the Easter Bunny, as it is considered a pagan symbol, today he is another way to make Easter more cheerful and smiling for the kids and for all of us.

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