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On this day, 2,000 years ago, the Lord Jesus Christ, having been born on earth, having lived, preached and performed many miracles, which has proven to be a god, and not an ordinary man finally left alone to be tortured and tormented. Has accepted the cross and death on the third day rose with his body. This is certified and doubters that he is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity and that everything he taught the people and their students is the full truth. The resurrection of Christ is the greatest proof of the truth of his doctrine and that he is the true God, come to seek after and to save the lost human race. And more: to enable people to receive forgiveness for their sins to be spiritually enlightened, transformed and modified.

Holy Week

Preparations for the celebration began a week before Easter,

Passionate week.This called last week of the Easter fast. At its end, from one to three days, "trimming" -no eat or drink anything except water.

Easter is celebrated for three days.

At midnight on Saturday before Sunday people go to church and under bells greet with the words: "Christ is Risen!", And in response said: "Vo truth is Risen!" Kiss and wish health and happiness. Lighted candle in church Midnight rests quietly at home.

Morning of the first holiday (always a Sunday) all go to the church service. Candle church concerns at home. On Sunday all fuck with colored eggs. Throughout the day, guests walk, a visit to the parents, sponsors, godparents, relatives and friends. Carried cake and a bottle of wine.

The day of Christ's Resurrection is the last day of the transition to spring and summer, the final day of renewal and awakening of nature


Centuries-old tradition for the holiday is painting eggs. Tradition has established this occurred Thursday morning before Easter and was a priority of the oldest woman in the family, and the decoration is performed by young girls and brides. There are various legends about the emergence of this tradition. One of them is that when the crucified Christ on the cross, a hen came and laid an egg in it. Stitch on the egg, blood dyed it red. Therefore, the first egg is painted in red, rub her cheeks or draw a cross on the foreheads of children's health and is buried in the levels of fertility. The remaining eggs are painted in different colors and paint.

The blue color symbolizes integrity, violet - the cross, the green - Christ's disciples, yellow - God himself. In ancient times, eggs were painted with the help of boiled herbs, natural bright and clean colors: red with oregano, orange-red - with sticks of sumac, green - with nettle, yellow - with walnuts and apple peel. Besides family members, eggs are painted also for sponsors, for children and for every guest who enters the house. For them, the eggs are decorated with paintings, geometric figures, with petals, decals, wax and others. Such eggs are called parashki - eggs. They do not eat with them knocking.

Easter Bunny

 Over the last decade the table appears and the Easter rabbit. Legend has it that the Easter rabbit in the beginning was a big beautiful bird belonging to the goddess Estrella. One day, she became his favorite bird in hare. And since the Easter rabbit is still a bird at heart, he continues to make nests and filled them with eggs. In America, children believe that if they obeyed, the Easter Bunny will bring them a nest full of colored eggs. So from the 18th century in Germany for the first time begin to produce Easter rabbits from sugar and chocolate.



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