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Easter Eggs Decoupage With Napkins 2015

I was searching for Easter eggs original decoration ideas when I found out some great ideas of creativity and I was impressed that without dyes and colored fingers (table, floor, dishes, sink and a bunch of discarded newspapers and rags) you can easily make beautiful Easter eggs. Of course I would not renounced painting eggs with paints as mischief to do this along, but this idea with napkins really seems good. Easter Eggs Decoupage is done with colored napkins that whole or cut into motifs of them stick to the egg using a protein. It only takes a few hours to dry. Easter Eggs must be white to be bright colors of the napkin. Except that are beautiful, and I noticed that the eggs are healthier. The best part however, is that in which alone can create the design on the egg. Get creative is fun preparing for the festival, which will bring more color and amusement around.

For the implementation of this technique are necessary:

Colored napkins, up to your liking
a lightly beaten egg-white
boiled egg whites, which should be well dried and cooled down

The first technique that will show with the whole paper.
In the middle of the napkin is placed egg.
The napkin is collected up so as to wrap the whole egg.
Egg napkin is coated with protein. As soon as he dabbed with white napkin will stick to the egg. At this moment, fixing sections which are folded or deliberately make folds like effect. Egg left on the baking sheet for 3-4 hours or until completely dry. Finish it!

The second technique is the actual decoupage with carved motifs napkin. First separated the top color of the napkin and then it cut the desired motifs.

Stick out one by one on the egg with the help of the protein, as the arrangement is entirely at their own taste.
Leave on the baking sheet for 3-4 hours or until dry. Finish it!

The technique can be applied on already painted eggs and comply color of the egg with the colors of selected motifs from the napkin.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Best Easter Cards 2016

Easter 2016 Greetings Cards are Free to download, you can find the best Easter Cards 2016 in our collection compiled especially for you! The Christian special festival of fun, enjoyment and happiness, Easter Day 2016 is coming in next few days. Easter day is celebrated in various countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom and many more. Easter Day commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death.The happiness is celebrated in the form of music, decorations, special church services, party, get together and lots more. Come and let us all greet everyone by sending Easter Greetings Cards online, Easter Cards 2016, Easter Greetings for Cards, Easter Greeting Cards free download, Easter Greetings for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Parents, Kids, children and family.

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Easter 2016 Greetings for Facebook, Easter Greetings Cards

Surprise your friends Easter Greetings for Facebook together with the Happy Easter Sunday Greetings Cards, that you can find free here. This Easter 2016, greet everyone and wish a very Happy Easter Day to your family and friends. On This Holy day, forget everything, except the name of god Jesus Christ and his teachings.
Many people are searching for awesome Easter Greetings for Facebook, Easter Greetings for friends, Easter Day Greeting wishes,  Free download. So, in our collection you can get the most of the Easter Greetings wishes messages.

Happy Easter 2016 Greetings for Facebook

Easter is a promise
God renews to us in each spring.
May the promise of Easter
fill your heart with peace and joy!
Happy Easter

We tolerate a little Spring rain in order to enjoy the sunshine that follows. It’s just like we tolerate a little heartburn in order to enjoy copious amounts of Easter candy! Enjoy!

The Lord came to earth
with a life to give,
so each one of us
may continue to live.
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday 2016 Greetings Cards

Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it. May all your prayers be fulfilled. May you have a pleasant Easter!
The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beginning of nature spring
and brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

Wishing YOU a Very "HAPPY EASTER"
With Love And Best Wishes..
May That EASTER Day Brings
LOT of Happiness And JOYS in your LIFE.
May u Live Long LIFE...
And That EASTER day Will comes in UR life Hundred Times...
Remember me in your prayers!!!

Easter Sunday Greetings 2016 Messages for Facebook

Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,
Easter bring God Endless Blessings,
Easter bring fresh love...
Happy Easter to You
with all best wishes  

Easter brings fun, Easter bring Happiness, Easter brings God’s endless blessings, Easter brings love and the freshness of spring. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Easter gives us yet another reason to be thankful to God. Have the joy of the coming of Christ be filled in your heart and bring peace into your life. Have a Blessed Easter!


The beauty of Palm Sunday is appreciated by different traditions. This special day is on March 29 in catholic tradition .In the Christian Eastern Orthodox version of Palm Sunday, people celebrate it on April 5. Everyone with a name of a flower has a name day. Wishes for loads of health and luck!


It's Palm Sunday, and so begins our journey with Jesus from Jerusalem gate to Golgotha cross to Easters triumph!

It is wiser to build our dependence on God than building it on people, because people can choose to leave us at any moment. But only we can choose to leave God because He is ever present and there for those who need and seek Him with a sincere Heart. Happy Palm Sunday! - Terry Mark

Today is Palm Sunday, the sixth and last Sunday of Lent and beginning of Holy Week. It commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

It's Palm Sunday and it's time to look back and remember what Christ has done for you. He had you on His mind over 2000 years ago! -Anonymous

Palm Sunday's Thought; Life is full of ups and downs. Glorify God during the ups and fully trust in Him during the downs.

Palm Sunday! Be reminded of the reason for the Easter season! Among all the business that goes on reflect on Jesus and His resurrection!

Today, we remember not just Jesus' entry in to Jerusalem in the past, but also his entry in the future.

Palm Sunday is the Sunday that falls before Easter. The Palm Sunday is an occasion which denote Jesus' triumphal passage to Jerusalem. As Jesus moved ahead towards Jerusalem, an enormous assembly of individuals tailed him, conveying palms in their clears out. The swarm conveying those palm leaves looked like the limbs of the palm tree. Now and again in light of climatic conditions, it gets to be difficult to acquire palm leaves and a deficiency happens. In this way, individuals lean toward substituting palm leaves with leaves of different trees, for example, box, willow, yew an olive. 

In specific spots, Palm Sunday is henceforth celebrated as Yew Sunday or Branch Sunday. Passage into a city on a steed symbolized a serene entrance in examination to a ruler who entered the city on a stallion which was symbolized a war-pursuing section. In the records of all the four authoritative accounts, Jesus entrance to Jerusalem was precisely one week prior to his revival.





Christians worldwide celebrate today a great holiday - the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, called in our Palm Sunday.
Six days before his resurrection, Jesus was greeted at the gates of Jerusalem regally, as jubilant crowd heaped his way with palm branches. He was considered the Son of God, after the previous day came back from the dead Lazarus, brother of Mary and Martha.
On today's feast believers have branches in their hands - in Europe olive, laurel, willow, rosemary or stylized palm leaves - and spring flowers. 

The religious side of the festival shows that on this day the Christian Church celebrates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the days before Passover.


The gospel says that Christ comes to town, riding a donkey and the believers meet him, and spread out before him his clothes and olive branches. Once raised standing dead four days Lazarus, brother of the sisters Martha and Mary, Jesus went to Jerusalem.
When he approached the city with his accompanying students, he sent two of them to go to the village and its lead tethered at the beginning of the village donkey and her colt, but if someone asked them why they are saying it is needful of God. As understood that ass for Christ, nobody prevented. He rode and so solemnly entered in Jerusalem.
The news of the resurrection of Lazarus already overtaken thousands people went to Bethany to meet him. The people, seeing Jesus Christ the Savior, enthusiastically waving palm branches and threw flowers at his feet.
Pharisees did Christ ordered to ban the people rejoice, of which he replied: "I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones will cry out." The procession continued and the height of the Caribou hill to the temple. Christ expelled gathered in his yard buyers and sellers of various goods and performed many healings of the sick and infirm people.




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