Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Beautiful Easter eggs 2016 Images (ideas in pictures)

Easter eggs (ideas in pictures) Easter is approaching and we will soon be painting eggs. I've done it myself a few times and it's been great fun. This year the focus falls on the painting of Easter eggs with natural dyes, such as, peels of onion, turmeric and spinach. This year I will bet on the natural ingredients of the paints. But I want to experiment with something else, something more creative. I surfed the net to look for inspiration. So here are my Ideas for beautifully colored Easter eggs.

Probably you have already started the preparation of the upcoming Easter Day 2016  this year. This Easter festival is solemnly celebrated by all the Christians around the world. Australia, USA, NZ, UK and all of Europe, Egypt,  India, Japan and almost all the countries take part in the festive celebrations. Check out Happy Easter 2015 ideas for painting and decorating Easter eggs that you can send to your friends, family and relatives. Share them on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also on Android mobile phone. 

Christ is Risen!

Let us never forget that God created us the humans and always try to keep your faith in humanity itself.

The feeling of Easter does not end with the end of the day, it is only the beginning of the coming spring, summer and the beginning of new friendships. Happy Easter.

Happy Easter!
On These lovely Easter days
I wish you lots of luck and that your dreams come true.
New hopes and endless emotions.
Beautiful moments with family and friends.

Easter Sunday is not an end.
It is just a beginning.
It resembles a new beginning, like the revival of Nature in spring
Wish you to achieve a new beginning of better relations in your life.
Happy Easter Day

Jesus Died for us.
Jesus rose from the dead
and finally he will return one day. 
We are all waiting for this day to come.
Happy Easter .

Let on this happy day of Easter
God bless you and let
it will be a new beginning
for even greater prosperity, success and happiness.
Happy Easter! Keep the love and goodness in your hearts! Let the sunshine in your souls!

The budding trees, the blossoming flowers,
and birds that are singing sweet songs
whisper to me that it is Easter
Here comes the comforting warm feeling for our souls
that on Easter day and always God has given his blessings for Mankind!
Happy Easter Day 

May the Angels protect you…
may the sadness forget you…
may goodness surround you…
and may God always bless you…
Happy Easter 2016!



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