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Delicious Easter Homemade Cross Bun Recipes

Delicious Easter Homemade Cross Bun Recipes

The Easter bread (whose modern substitutes are cross buns) are prepared on the Holy Saturday (somewhere and Friday) of the Holy Week. They are kneaded by the housewife, or sometimes by the oldest woman in the house. Before the kneading process the woman is dressed up with her new clean clothes. Easter bread is made from wheat flour required by new yeast (that happens on Maundy Thursday of the Holy Week), with oil and greased before baking with egg. The cross buns have a variety of shapes (round, elliptical, etc.), and different patterns. The characteristic element of their decoration are the eggs (one or more red or unpainted), which are placed on the bread before baking. Easter bread is not cut. It always breaks into as many pieces as there are people at the table, including children.


Ritual bread products require one kilogram of flour, 3 cups coffee-milk, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, yeast as a matchbox, 1 tablespoon melted butter or oil.
Put the sifted flour in a deep pot. Take in the middle "well" and put it in the yeast dissolved in a little water (to which you have previously put the sugar and you leave in a warm place to rise). Add salt and pour a stream of chilled milk, then knead the dough, which you should wrap up with a cloth and leave to rise. Shape it round in the form of bread.
Apply butter or oil on top and place it in the tray. Arrange on it painted eggs by encasing each egg with a strip of dough.
Bake the bread in a hot oven.


Ingredients: 5 eggs 1 1/2 cup milk 1 cup sugar 1 cup melted butter 1 kg. flour, yeast (as matchbox) grated lemon peel or lemon juice 1/2 bottle raisins 1 egg yolk 
The milk is heated and the yeast is dissolved in it. Add 1 teaspoon sugar and 2 tablespoons flour. Eggs are broken down with the remaining sugar. Add butter (3/4 cup) and lemon zest.
Sift the flour and make a well in it to pour the yeast and egg mixture. Knead the dough (if you want to avoid adhering to the hands, put some oil on them). Leave the dough to rise in a warm place.
When the dough becomes double size we spread it with melted butter, in which we have previously dissolved vanilla, and we divide the dough into 3-4 balls. Then we Add raisins. Shape bands from the dough interlacing them in the shape of a plaid and transfer into a round shape with a hole in the middle. The Dough must rise for the second time.
Before you put it in the oven, the cake is smeared with yolk and pricked with a fork. The Oven is turned to 150 degrees and and the cross bun is immediately placed inside.

Easter cross bun with red eggs



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