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Easter 2016 UK, Easter decorations Spain, Easter 2016 USA

Easter 2015 UK

You are wondering how Easter 2016 is celebrated in the UK and the USA? What about Easter 2016 in Poland, Greece, Russia, or Germany? You want to know the Easter decorations in Spain, Italy, and France? You want to get some ideas about Easter celebrations and solemn processions in Israel and Egypt? Here we come with another series of inspiring Easter 2016 posts. Enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed creating this article especially for you! 

Easter decorations Spain

This year, the Orthodox Easter is on March 27 and the Catholic Easter is marked on March 27. The great day of the Resurrection of Christ is the brightest Christian holiday and the etymology of the word is quite obvious. The modern English word Easter (from Old English Easterdæg) in turn is derived from the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre (also from proto-German Austron, austra- meaning "the world"), the goddess of the dawn and fertility.

Easter 2015 USA

Lamb is typical of the Easter table, but its inclusion in the festive menu is not obligatory once upon a time. Above all, Jesus was considered the Lamb of God and only in the early 17th century the dish became typical for the festive table in England. In our celebration of Easter, the Easter cake is always present, which is the successor of the Easter bread or buns from the old times when they were in the form of elongated pieces or patterns of dough. Their version in Russia is called "kulich" and in Italy - "panetone".

Easter in Italy - "panetone"

As for the modern traditions associated with the holiday, the image of the Easter rabbit has been popular in Germany for about 50 years, before jumping into American Easter customs around 1880, the year that marked the beginning of the ritual Easter Eggs Hunt . The first mention of the Easter rabbit, however, happens 20 years later. The Easter Bunny had to wait for the fall of the Berlin Wall, before hopping in the Eastern Europe table as decoration or chocolate figures. 

The Easter Bunny

The Easter eggs Hunt is still most popular in the States, but is slowly gaining popularity in the other parts of the world as well. Each year painting Easter eggs awakens creativity and imagination of children and parents worldwide and there are many competitions for the most original egg in city. Some people attach to the colorfully painted eggs bunches of wool threads, the so-called "Kitniche". 

painting Easter eggs

Easter 2016 Ireland. All shops are closed in Ireland.
For Easter in Ireland all the shops and restaurants are closed and the traditional meals on Good Friday includes fish instead of meat.
The Unique Australian animal Bilbo is a highly endangered species, so environmentalists call for its transformation into an Easter symbol instead of the Easter rabbit. Bilbo has long ears, a long snout and a bag as the kangaroo.

Good Friday includes

Easter  in Poland includes painting the eggs but not only. Those who celebrate this bright holiday also have fun with the so-called "water battles" each year on Monday after Easter. This tradition originally began when young men sprayed perfumed water against the girls, in which they were interested. But now everyone can go out and get wet for the celebration!

Easter 2015 in Poland

Easter in Spain 2016.There are many processes of religious brotherhoods. In many places, people dress with masks with pointed hoods to resemble scenes from the Holy Inquisition.

Easter in Spain 2015

Easter 2016 in Germany
Typically the children look for hidden eggs and chocolate bunnies that their mothers have carefully hid somewhere. For centuries there people light up Easter bonfires. Fire symbolizes renewal and the joy of the resurrection of Christ, "the light of the world." It is believed that the traitor Judas is burnt through that fire. 

Easter in Egypt 2015

In some areas in fields and meadows the Germans place eggs as symbols of fertility. In Bavaria the most popular are the chocolate figures of rooster instead of a rabbit, in Thuringia - the stork, and in Westphalia - the fox is the most popular animal on this day. It is a Matter of choice.

Easter in Italy 2015

Easter 2016 Greece. As in the other Orthodox countries throughout the Holy Week the church sermon is a must. At midnight on Saturday before Sunday the bishops says, "Christ is Risen" and believers reply "He is indeed risen." Pali is a huge pyre. Sunday is a great family holiday. The Greeks Bake lamb, watered with plenty of red wine. From the bowels of the lamb they prepare "kokeretsi".

Easter 2016 Italy.In many villages people make representations of the sufferings of Christ and there are many Easter processions. The Pope blesses with Christians with "Urbi et orbi". Stores offer huge chocolate eggs filled with surprises. A great Easter Specialty is Colomba Pasquale, an Easter dove in the form of a cake of yeast dough. 

On Easter Monday there is only sweet breakfast including croissant and cappuccino, and exceptionally there may be present the cake "rustic salami", cooked spinach and eggs plus a cup of vermouth.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!



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