Friday, 3 April 2015

Painting Easter Eggs 2016 Ideas With Images

Painting Easter Eggs 2015 Ideas With Images

Easter is just around the corner and you are searching for some fresh ideas to paint Easter eggs beautifully? Here we present you a few suggestions on how to dye Easter eggs. So enjoy our selection of Painting Easter Eggs 2016 Ideas With Images

Painting eggs with cotton

On a large piece of cotton so that it can be wrapped whole egg, sprinkle of all colors dissolved paint. The egg is wrapped tightly in cotton and leave for 5-10 minutes. The more stands, more bright and dark colors become. Once ready the egg out of the cotton dries and polishes. A piece of cotton is not desirable to use more than 2-3 times, because the result becomes unsatisfactory. Working with gloves is a must if you do not want your hands to obtain the color of the eggs.

Painting eggs with tights

Eggs painted using tights. 1st option: This method is very old and is from our grandmothers. Eggs are very beautiful. They are used raw eggs, because during the dyeing they are cooked. Prepare in advance as follows: Each egg is tied tightly in a piece of thin women pantyhose before that egg wrapped in peels red onion. We use only the top and dark skinned. You do not need the shell to cover the whole egg. Must be well stretched pantyhose and tie tightly. Thus prepared boiled eggs 10-12 min. Pull out of the water and without removing tights allow to cool. Then dipped in paint, with desired color and then the egg stand for 5-7 min., Removable and allow to drain well. Then carefully remove pantyhose and onion flakes and after the eggs cool completely polished.

Painting eggs with leaf and a sock

Option II: On pre-boiled egg placed leaf of grass with an interesting shape or cut a figure of impermeable material. Egg clamped in pantyhose and placed in the paint. After standing removable, allow to drain and carefully remove pantyhose. In place of the figurine or petals remains unpainted. After drying polish.

Painted Easter eggs with wax 

Eggs are cooked and allowed to cool. Cool completely on eggs painted with wax figures or inscriptions. Then painted in the normal way, but where is painted with wax the paint catches the egg remains white. Thus the figures appear to have painted.

Painting Easter eggs using paint

Boiled eggs painted with paint eggs in the traditional way. Then after completely dry, place a suitable cup-holder and hand painted with safe paints or pencils, the choices are many, depending on your imagination and skills.


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